Freestyle @ Dok2's House

by Tablo & MYK

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늦은 밤, 도끼네 집에 놀러갔다. 심심했다. 마이크로폰이 있었다. 마구 녹음했다. 도끼의 어머니에게 살짝 미안했다. (우리 많이 시끄러웠거든.)
PS. 영어로 해서 미안!!! ^^ 즐겨!

Instrumental: Jay-Z - Thank You


We in the lab!
The Thunderground Mansion
MYK (Yeah!) and Tablo,
Mappin' the soul
It's the freestyle session baby.

Maze and amaze has one space of a difference.
But when it comes to life,
the little things make all the difference.
Like siblings and rivalry.
Love turns to robbery.
The problem is when state of mind
can turn wealth into poverty.
So reverse it.
Like the speaker's drip.
With a sound that is free
we never rehearse shit.
The kick and the snare,
competition be scartching the heads
like they got kicks in the hair.
Put a fist in the air
for independent music,
when haters in the heir,
we intercept, diffuse it.
Map in the soul with a sketch with a pencil.
Lost soul called artists just fetch for a stencil.
Copy like Xerox, rerock the roof.
Nothing but truth when we hop in the booth.
Yeah, about to take it to the tip top.
Raise your glasses in the air for hip hop.

We in the Thunderground lab right now.

Line after line,
the rhymes don't stop
Keep flowing, keep spitting
my shine can't be blocked.
I stay bright like stars in the galaxy.
Rewrite the stories, void all the fallacies.
No casualties, bring this music back to life
and reach new heights but we pass the trees.
Classic beats, back to the simple plan,
I'm going straight to the Swiss without a middleman.
Not a little man, we doing big things.
So turn the speakers to the windows let the street sing.
Let the pen flow freely,
we be rhyme writing on a regular basis. It's easy.
It's how we live. Modern man's poetry.
And what we give is oxygen so the flow can breathe.
Uh, about to take it to the tip top.
Raise your glasses in the air for hip hop.


Oh, shit.

Dok2가 보고 있다.

Oh, shit.

Dok2가 듣고 있다.


released November 11, 2009



all rights reserved


[99] Carbondale, Illinois

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